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The Trustees provide alms accommodation at low rents to qualifying residents from Harefield in the Countess of Derby Almshouses. In addition, over the years, they have used the income derived from the various endowments to provide a wide range of services to the community in Harefield.

In this connection, the following is an extract from the governing document for the Harefield Parochial Charities, dated 1st May 1956, which sets out how the Trustees were to use the income accruing to the Charities;

"The Trustees shall apply the clear yearly income of the charity known as Mrs. Ashby’s Charity, the Charity of Solomon Burbery, the Charity known as the Poor’s or Fuel Allotment, the Charity of Henry Goodman and the Ashford and Moore Charity as they think fit for the benefit either of the poor of the Ancient Parish of Harefield generally of such poor persons resident therein as they select and in particular but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing in one or more of the following ways:-

1. Gifts of bedding, clothing, food, fuel, furniture or other useful articles including comforts or other aids for the sick.

2. Weekly allowances of a value of not less than 2s 6d or not more than 10s, except with the approval of the Charity Commissioners; provided that instead of paying the whole of such weekly allowance to any recipient in money the Trustees may spend all or part thereof for his or her benefit in such ways as they think fit.

3. Gifts in money to relieve sickness, infirmity or distress.

4. Grants for the benefit of persons who are sick, infirm, convalescent or in need of rest or change of air to defray the expenses of recuperative holidays or of obtaining domestic help.

5. Payment of travelling expenses of persons entering or leaving hospital, convalescent homes or similar institutions or of relatives visiting the sick or infirm in such institutions.

6. Assistance of persons who are preparing for, entering upon or engaged in any trade, occupation or profession by the provision of tools, books, payment of fees for instruction or examination, payment of travelling expenses or such other means as will fit them to earn their own living or advance them in life.

7. Subscriptions to almshouses and other charitable institutions or organisations having for their object the benefit of the poor of the said ancient parish and in particular subscriptions for special purposes in relation thereto including the maintenance of any extraordinary repair fund established in connexion therewith.

8. Subscriptions to homes or hostels for the residence or care of old, infirm or homeless persons upon terms that will ensure that their benefits are available for poor persons of the said ancient parish.

Restrictions. In applying the income of the Charities the Trustees shall observe the following restrictions:-

1. They shall not commit themselves to make recurring grants.

2. They shall not give assistance to individuals unless satisfied that they are deserving and in need.

3. Income shall not in any case be applied in relief of rates, taxes or other public funds".

In addition and traditionally, coal allocation grants, which relate back to the Poor’s or Fuel Allotment Charity, now payments in lieu, are made each year at Christmas. About 200 payments are made each year as coal allocation grants to qualifying residents of Harefield.

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